Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tribute to Scotland

We have introduced our 'Scottish' soap this summer and it has been a great success. The plan was to use the fragrance of Scottish raspberries and mix in some skin softening oats which would also make the soap slightly exfoliating. We have finished each bar with a wrap of vintage lace and tartan ribbon. The result is a really skin pampering soap that looks as good as it smells and is a joy to use.
At the moment it is only available in 110g bars but we plan to introduce it as one of our convenient soap chunks on shortly.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Introducing Jane Exelby's

Several years ago I became fascinated by the notebooks of my grandparents, these were handwritten books that noted recipes, remedies, tips and suggestions for all manner of interesting things from the 1930s and 1940s. My grandfather was a pharmacist or dispensing chemist and, in those pre NHS days, he was the first port of call for those needing medical advice, first aid or chemical household remedies. My Grandmother was a nurse and using their combined skills started a business making soaps, skincare and make-up. Her main philosophy was that a few high quality, natural ingredients were much better than lots of complicated, over processed formulas. She was very successful, particuarly during the war years, and kept extensive notes of all her recipes.
It is these recipes and formulae that we have updated; always trying to work to her ethos of clean and simple.
We have developed a whole range of cold process soaps, skincare, bath and body products and will introduce you to them all in this blog.
Our gorgeous rosie posy soap