Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Lavanilla soap at last

We have hardly been able to keep lavanilla soap in stock as it is so popular but have made plenty of new batches and have finally got it to the online shops.
Plenty of people claim not to like the fragrance of lavender but many of them are thinking of that old fashioned musty lavender that hung around old clothes. When most people get a smell of lavender essential oil fresh from the fields of Provence they change their minds!
We have blended lavender essential oil and vanilla to give a fabulous modern perfume and added it to one of our gorgeous handmade, cold process soaps to make a real treat.
This soap is available in 110g bars but also comes in the Lavender lovers gift box, the mixed soaps gift box and is available with loads of other lavanilla goodies in a luxury hamper.

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